Lost Pets Depend on YOU. 

If your pet is missing, we understand that this can be one of the most scary and unpredictable times in your life.  If you have found a pet, somewhere a pet owner is worried. 

That is why we have this special lost and found section of Your Pet Friendly Community.   

Leave no stone unturned.  The more places you post information about a lost or found pet, the better the chances of that pet returns home safe.   Here you can post a message to our Community of pet lovers nationwide, increasing the chances of pets returning home safe and sound.  

Please visit www.PetHealthAlert.com for your FREE Pet Medical Alert Tag (one time fee of $5.00 for shipping, handling and processing) and Free National Pet Registry


Simply post your comment in either the LOST DOG or LOST CAT section of this Community.  Include as much information as possible, so that if someone finds a pet matching your lost pet’s description they can contact you directly.  

Please also browse the FOUND section below to see if anyone has found your pet and posted it here, and of course notify your local pet shelters.   


Please remember to visit www.PetHealthAlert.com

PetHealthAlert.com saves Pets’ Lives with its Instant Pet Medical Alert System

PLEASE post any information you can in the FOUND DOG or FOUND CAT section of this Community about any found pet or even a spotting of a stray dog or cat that looks to be lost. 

Remember, even the smallest tips can help reunite a lost pet with his or her owner. 

And please browse the LOST section to see if the pet you have found matches the description of a reported lost pet. 


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