How to report a lost animal:

Post your lost dog in the comments section below. 

Please remember to include as much information as possible, including where the animal was lost, when the animal was lost, a description of the animal including color and markings, and contact information. 

Lost dog reports will remain live on this posting for 60 days, and will need to be re-posted if necessary. 

Please start your report with STATE/CITY for easier browsing:
Example:   ATLANTA/GA:  Lost dog:  Brutus, a medium size, black and white labrador mix (about 55 lbs) was lost in Buckhead area, between Rogers Rd and Peachtree St, around 10 AM on Monday, January 10, 2005.   Wearing a black collar with purple rabies tag, Cobb county dog license.  He is very nice, but can be shy around strangers.  Please contact: Julie, phone: 555-123-4567  E-mail: 

Please don’t give up hope. 

Start by posting your comment below.